Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pain in joints and back gone through a text message!

I heard a testimony of someone getting healed through a text message and they encouraged all of us in the meeting to send a text to someone in need of healing. I sent a text to my Mom and declared the healing presence of Jesus to her joints and back. I commanded the pain to leave her body! She text messaged me back and told me she was shaking all over. I asked her how she felt and she said she felt good. I then asked her to check things out in her body and tell me what was going on. This is what she said; "I feel pain free!! My legs and hips feel better!! I couldn't run up or down the stairs. Before I went down (the stairs) very slowly!!!!!!! My back feels better!!!!! Yessssss Jesus!! I am so blessed and feel like crying! Praise God! Shout it from the rooftops!!!! I'm still shaking all over!!
That about sums it up! Thank you Jesus!

Grinding in hips gone and two sets of arches form!

A man wanted prayer for grinding in his hips. I checked his legs and found that one leg was an inch shorter then other. I commanded his right leg to grow out and it grew past his left leg. I then commanded his left leg to match his right leg and it did. He got up and walked around a little to check it out. He told me that the pain and grinding he had in his hips FROM BIRTH were completely gone! He said his hips and legs felt more in alignment now.
The next day I shared a testimony about God forming arches in my friends feet. This same man came to me for prayer because he had flat feet. I had some of his fellow students pray with me and we watched God form arches in both of his feet right in front of our eyes. We simply commanded it and did not lay hands on his feet. The man could actually feel his arches lift and get tighter. It was a noticeable difference in both feet.
A woman then came up with flat feet and I had two of her fellow students pray for her. They laid hands on her feet and commanded the arches to form. (I wanted to teach them that there is no formula to healing and that we need to rely upon Holy Spirit.) As they commanded it and prayed we watched her arches form right in front of our eyes just like the man before her. She too felt her arches lift and tighten. The next day I saw her running and she said it felt weird to run now with arches. Thank you Jesus!  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lady receives healing and joy in the Selma St. Neighborhood!

 On Saturday at Selma I saw the word "Cancer" in prayer before we hit the streets. When we went tout I met a woman and asked if she needed prayer for anything, she told me that her friend who was standing nearby needed prayer because her mother had cancer. Her friend came over and I explained to her what God showed me about cancer before we went out. I told her that God wanted her to know how much He cared about what her mom was going through. I prayed for her mom and then we prophesied over both of them. I got a word of knowledge for the first women about arthritis and problems with her knee. She said that both words were right. She had arthritis in her fingers and a plate in her knee. They were bothering her, but after prayer she said they weren't bothering her any more. She said that her knee "Wasn't bothering her right now". Her whole continuance changed. She was happy and didn't want to leave us!   

Man's back restored!

Last Saturday, Meredith and I went to a food outreach at the Children's Rescue Center. We got in line to get some food and one of the ladies behind the counter told me that the guy in front of me had back problems and that he had had surgery. She told the guy that I could pray for him. He sat down and ate his food. After he was done I came over to him and asked about his back and asked if I could pray for him. He told me that he had chronic back pain and that the pain level was at a 3 (0 - 10) at the moment. I laid hands on his back and commanded the pain to go and for restoration. His pain level went to 0 and he said that it felt way better. He said "I would't lie to you! I feel great!" ha ha come on Jesus!


Lady gets healed, saved and encounters Holy Spirit!

One Tuesday I was walking down liberty street to see what would happen. I began to declare God's heart for the neighborhood. As I was walking a lady and a man stepped out onto their porch and waved at me. They were on the other side of the street. I waved back and smiled. They then motioned for me to come up to them and sit with them on their porch. Right away the lady asked what I was doing walking on the street. I told her that I was releasing the love and the manifest presence of Jesus into my neighborhood. I then asked if either of them needed prayer. The man said "I don't need prayer or want your prayer."!The lady said she couldn't think of anything. I then got a word of knowledge about back pain due to a car accident. I said "Which one of you has back pain due to a car accident?" The guys eyes got bigger and he said, "that is her!" I then asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. I began to pray for her back and as I prayed I got more words of knowledge. Specifics on where the pain was and that she hadn't been able to sleep on her back for a long time. It was all true. I then prophesied over her and encouraged her. After I prayed for her I asked how she felt. She said it was hard to tell. I told her that I felt she would notice a difference because she would be able to sleep on her back "tonight". I told her I would stop by another day to check and see how her back was.

The following week on Monday I was sitting in my living room reading a Reinhard Bonnke. In the book Reinhard teaches that if you present Jesus as healer then He will heal and if you present Him as savior he will save! Right away I thought of the lady on Liberty St. So I got up and walked over to her house. She invited me in to sit with her in her living room. I asked her about her back and she said she was able to sleep on her back that night and that the pain was gone. She had a big smile on her face. I asked her if she had ever had someone share with her what it meant to be born again. She said no. So I asked if I could share with her. She said yes, so I shared with her about what it meant to be born again and she wanted to be. So right there in her living room she gave her heart to Jesus and was born again! I then had her hold out her hands like she was going to receive a gift (Holy Spirit) and I floated my hands above hers. I simply said come Holy Spirit and she felt fire and electricity go through her hands and her body! We were both getting rocked by the presence of God. I then stopped praying and she sat down in her chair. I said "How are you feeling?"and she looked at me and was all glazed over and said, "Man I feel weird! This feels good!" ha ha ha

So she was healed, saved and encountered Holy Spirit. Bam!


Man in park encounters the goodness of God and neck and back loosen!

Stephen and I were out in the Selma Neighborhood bringing the love and presence of Jesus to the community. We were walking along the sidewalk and we saw a man in the park sitting on a bench, drinking some beer. We were both drawn to him. Right away I got a word of knowledge about back pain on the right side of the back, in the center area. We walked up to him and introduced ourselves. I told him why we were there and I shared with him the word of knowledge I got. It ended up he had back pain on the right side in the center area. He was very taken back! He seemed to be a no non sense kind of guy. Very honest. He told us he was raised in the church, but he wasn't to open to being healed. He said his life got really hard when his father passed away. He told us he loved his father very much. After that he started drinking a lot and he ended becoming homeless. After talking with him for awhile, Stephen convinced him to let us pray for him, we laid hands on his back and as we were praying for his back Stephen got a word of knowledge about tightness in his neck that caused headaches. We prayed for that as well. After we were done praying he said, "You got me!" he was shocked at the accuracy of our words of knowledge. We asked him how he was feeling and he said, "I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I feel great, everything has loosened up and I feel like I could run a marathon!" After that we spent a good 20 minutes listening to his story and encouraging him with prophetic words. By the end he said, "I like you guys, you have really made my day. Thank you for stopping to talk with me."


Girl with scoliosis restored!

At one of the meetings, when we were in Virginia speaking in a discipleship training school; we saw a girl with scoliosis restored. Micah called out a word of knowledge for back and shoulder pain and three people came forward. While one man was dramatically encountering the power of Holy Spirit, the girl next to him fell to the floor and started crying and laughing at the same time! Micah walked over to her and started praying for her. Then she got up and ended up telling us that she had scoliosis and that it affected her sleep, she had consistent pain, she couldn't bend over very far and she couldn't sleep on her back. We saw that her shoulders were out of alignment and one leg was shorter than the other. We sat her down in a chair and prayed for her hip and leg. Her right leg grew out a little over an inch. As it was growing out she covered her face with her hands and was saying "Oh my gosh! I can feel it moving!" We had her stand up and instantly all the pain was gone. She was able to bend over and touch the floor. Her shoulders were aligned. Her back would crack before, but after we prayed the cracking stopped. At that point Stephen went over to her and felt to sing over her. As he was singing "You make all things!" a young man with a knee problem said to himself, "I will take that!" and the pain in his knee instantly left!! Micah prophesied over her that she would sleep on her back again and that she would have no pain in her sleep. The next day we saw her again and she was able to lay on her back pain free. That night she went home and fell asleep on her back and the next morning she "woke up on her back without pain." She told that that was the first time she was able to sleep on her back in a long time. She said that her right leg was sore because it had been stretched! ha ha ha Yay God!

Stephen Bell and Micah Level